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Our New Library

This academic year, we are excited to announce the addition of The Hamilton Library. Our newest asset is stocked with a broad variety of fiction and non-fiction texts, from Enid Blyton to David Walliams and beyond – we even have a collection from the ‘Dog Man’ series. Additionally, we have been delighted to receive requests from students! In the future, we hope to see this resource grow as we continually seek to refresh the texts that we have on offer for our students.

Along with the library, we have also ring-fenced valuable daily reading time so that our students are exposed daily to literature. During this time, students are invited to enjoy a text with their tutor group. They make daily predictions and interrogate the text with questions as they read. When finishing the text, the group reviews the book which are then published to inform other students as to whether or not they would enjoy that text. This is helping to develop a community of readers.

Katie Haines - Head of English