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Year 10s Jump In-to Some Fun!

February 8th 2018 - Year 10 Trip

We had an amazing time by visiting Jump-In in Slough. It is a trampoline park with different play areas.

As well as an area full of mini-trampolines, it also had  an area for two team combat, where  you spar with your partner on a pole and if you fall, you fall into the foam pit. (Sham fell in and struggled to get out ,which made us all giggle )

It had a dodgeball area which was fun.

They also had a slide area that hoisted you into the air and then you let go to slide down this amazing slide, which Jamie and Kristian thoroughly enjoyed. 

After all that activity everyone was starving so we went out for a nice meal to our favourite little eatery - Nando’s.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal.