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Year 11 Exam Information

For all year 11 students the school timetable will stay in place up until half term and the expectation will be for your child to attend every day. After half term, student’s will no longer be expected to attend every day and this is highlighted on their timetable, taxis to and from school will be organised in accordance to their timetable by the school office.

The exams your child is going to be sitting are public examinations and follow strict rules. I would like to draw particular attention to the following items which could result in zero marks being awarded as a penalty on a paper:

• Your child must not have a mobile phone, watch, or smart device (this includes air pods) on their person. These must be switched off and placed in their bags at the front of the venue.

• Your child must not have any written notes/paper/exam timetable/wrappers/labels, or any items not needed for the exam on their person. • Your child must remain in silence from entering the exams room, until they leave the exam room. All resources for the exams will be provided by the school, along with a bottle of water

On the 16 June after your child’s last exam there will be an opportunity for your child to have their shirt and leavers book signed by other students and teachers within the school. All students in year 11 will be invited back into school on 20 June to take part in an ‘End of School Day of Celebration’ where they will take part in activities that they have chosen as a group with their tutor, Mr Bartenbach.