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PLEASE NOTE: This page is currently under review.

Creative arts at Hamilton School will consist of Music, Art and Drama.

Each student at Hamilton School will be able to further their knowledge on any of the 3 arts forms we have on our curriculum. The Creative Arts department is designed to be a fun and educational slot on the students’ timetable. Within the arts students will gain knowledge on how these subjects will help them in their further personal life and professional goals. 

Students outcomes from Creative arts will consist of either AQA unit award in the separate art form or a Bronze, Silver or Gold Trinity Arts award.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


Art: Mask Making Pt.1

Drama: Puppetry Pt.1

Music: African Drumming Pt.1

Art: Tone

Drama: Haunted Mansion

Music: Cover Version Pt.1

Art: Collage

Drama: Bouncers Pt.1

Music: Film Music Pt. 1

Part A: Participation in an Art Form

Art: Mask Making Pt.2

Drama: Pantomime

Music: African Drumming Pt.2

Art: Texture

Drama: Pantomime

Music: Cover Version Pt.2

Art: Collage

Drama: Bouncers Pt.2

Music: Film Music Pt.2

Part B: Exploration of the arts as an audience member.

Art: The Colour Wheel

Drama: Harry Potter

Music: Key Board Skills

Art: Mask Making

Drama: Physical Theatre

Music: Song Writing Pt.1

Art: Charcoal

Drama: Shakespeare

Music: Intro to composition

Part C: Art inspiration.

Art: Artist Study Pt.1

Drama: Soap Opera

Music: Beatboxing

Art: Artist Study Pt.1

Drama: Shakespeare

Music: Song Writing Pt.2

Art: Pastel

Drama: Musical Theatre

Music: Composition

Part D: Arts skills share- Passing on art skills onto others.

Art: Artist Study Pt.2

Drama: Mime

Music: Blues

Art: Artist Study Pt.2

Drama: Mime

Music: Four Chord Mash Up

Art: Light and Shade

Drama: Blood Brothers

Music: Live Performance Study Pt.1

Film and Theatre Study.

Art: Artist Study Pt.2

Drama: Commedia Dell’arte

Music: Blues

Art: Artist Project

Drama: Commedia Dell’arte

Music: Blues

Art: Portrait

Drama: Acting Skills study.

Music: Live Performance Study Pt.2

Live Performance.