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During the summer term, students at Hamilton School have had the opportunity to go climbing as part of their Wednesday afternoon activities. Students have been learning crucial climbing skills, such as how to 'tie in' and 'belay', as well as techniques to improve their climbing, in order to work towards their NICAS (National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme) Level 1. Climbing is beneficial for both the body and the mind as it is:

  • a Mental Challenge: working out the best route to climb

  • an Achievement: when you get to the top!

  • a Workout: an all-over body workout, accessible yet challenging 

(from the NICAS website)

Here's what our students have to say about climbing: 

"I really like the bouldering because you don't have to wear a harness when you climb those walls" - Year 8 student

"It's fun when you get to the top." - Year 8 student

In addition to enjoying the sessions, students have also noticed the benefits of it; 80% of students who answered a questionnaire about climbing this year strongly agreed or agreed that climbing had provided them with a challenge and improved their confidence. You can read more about this in the evaluation document attached below.