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Gardening Project - School Pond

The Year 9 students are currently completing an ASDAN Gardening Award, and as part of the award they are planning, creating and maintaining a small school pond. 

Step 1 - Location, Location, Location 

The first task for the Year 9 students was to find a good location for the pond. The students had to consider a number of factors, including: health and safety (how do we make sure people don't accidentally fall in?); access to light; proximity to buildings and other areas (e.g. the school football pitch - footballs and ponds don't mix well), as well as a range of other factors. 

Eventually the students decided that the area behind the terrapins was the best as it is secured by a gate and has good access to light, as well as some shaded areas.

Step 2 - Get Digging!

The next task for the students was to outline the boundaries of the pond. The students did this by taking a shovel and digging a small outline. Practicalities such as ensuring enough space for people to walk around, as well as making sure we would be able to dig deep enough (ponds in England should be at least 4ft deep to ensure they do not freeze over completely in winter) were considered. 

Then the digging began! The Year 9s were assisted by some of the Year 8s during this stage - team work makes the dream work!