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Each year we conduct surveys with our key stakeholders to hear from them what we are doing well and where they think there is room to do things better. We use similar questions year on year so that we can understand any trends and celebrate where we have ensured aspects of school life and our provision have improved over time.

2021 Parent Surveys Results

Unfortunately, we only had four responses in 2021 so results are not statistically relevant.

That said, looking at a range of feedback from parents, we note acknowledgement for our work in the following areas:

  • Wellbeing support and care during lockdowns.

  • Increasingly positive appreciation for KS4 pathways.

  • Education about healthy living and lifestyles.

  • Improving results for communication in general, and specifically about their child’s progress and achievements.

  • Environment and relationships.

Priorities set by parents for the next year:

  • Improving parental engagement.

  • Improving and embedding ambitious and consistent provision in terms of:

  • Behaviour and culture.

  • Therapeutic support and response.

  • Curricular ambition.

  • Reading levels.

2021 Student Surveys

Unfortunately, we only had six responses in 2021 so results are not statistically relevant. This was a much more positive engagement than last year which, alongside engagement through the Student Council, in interviews etc, is very encouraging.

There are some clear areas where students recognise improvements eg:

  • How the school supports them to manage their emotions and reactions and to meet personal development targets.

  • Becoming more independent.

  • Education about key areas of personal and social education eg:

  • Gangs and knife crime

  • Physical and mental health

  • Dangers of addiction

  • Online safety

  • Information about careers and apprenticeships

Priorities set by students for the next year:

  • Further improvements to student engagement

  • Further improvements behaviour and relationships

  • Enjoyment of learning

  • Pride in school