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At Hamilton, our main aim is to develop a pupil’s ability in mathematics to the full by providing a wide range of mathematical experiences and resources to make it interesting and easy so that each pupil becomes confident in the subject and achieves at the highest level of which he is capable. Within this broad framework this is our curriculum offering:

Key Stage 3

 Year 7

 Year 8

Year 9

Number, Sequences, Perimeter & Area, Whole Numbers and Decimals, Geometry and Measures, Algebra

Numbers, Geometry, Probability, Whole Numbers and Decimals, Geometry and Measures, Algebra

Percentages, Equations, Formulae, Polygons, Data, Whole Numbers and Decimals, Geometry and Measures, Algebra, Fractions Decimals, Percentages

Decimal numbers, Statistics, Fractions Decimals Percentages, Angles and 2D Shapes

Percentages, Sequences, Area, Algebra, Fractions Decimals Percentages, Geometry and Measures

Circles, Graphs, Pythagoras’ theorem, Transformations,  Fractions Decimals Percentages, Angles and 2D Shapes, Graphs

Algebra, Fractions, Angles, Algebra, Number, Statistics

Graphs, Number, Interpreting Data, Algebra, Mental Calculations, Statistics, Statistics, Transformations and Symmetry, Equations, Written and Calculator Methods

Fractions, Algebra, Decimals,  Number Calculations, Statistics

Coordinates & Graphs, Percentages, Probability, Statistics, Transformations and Symmetry, Equations, Factors and Multiples

Algebra, Congruence, Scaling, Construction, Sequences, 3D Shapes

Volume & Surface Area of 3D Shapes, Graphs, Transformations and Symmetry, Equations, Powers and Roots

Symmetry, Equations, Interpreting Data, Geometry and Measures, Algebra, Number

Fractions, Decimals, Proportion, Circles, Construction, Sequences, 3D Shapes

Distance, Speed, Time, Compound units, Similar  Triangles, Construction, Sequences, 3D Shapes

3D Shapes, Ratio, Revision, Ratio and Proportion, Probability

Equations, Formulae, Comparing data, Revision, Ratio and Proportion, Probability

Right-angled triangles, Revision, Ratio and Proportion, Probability

Key Stage 4

 Year 10

 Year 11

Number, Measures, Statistics, Number Calculations, Algebra, Angles and Polygons

Ratio & Proportion, Statistics   

Number, Measures, Statistics,Fractions Decimals Percentages

Constructions, Loci, 3D Shapes Curved

Approximations Decimals, Fractions, Graphs, Graphs Algebra, Working in 2D

Sequences, Right-angled Triangles

Graphs, Algebra, Ratio & Proportion, Probability, Measures and Accuracy

Congruency, Probability, Powers, Standard Form

Measures, Probability, Transformations, Algebra, Geometry

Algebra, Revision

Probability, Volume, Surface Area 3D, Ratio and Proportion, Factors Powers and Roots

Revision, GCSE, Functional Skills Exams















A range of qualifications are offered from GCSE, Functional Skills and AQA unit awards.