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Unfortunately, we only had five responses in 2022, so results are not statistically relevant. Also, the surveys took place during a period of change, as the school moved into its new buildings.

That said, a range of feedback from parents, indicates increasing positivity about the work of the school.

For example, more parents:

  • Rate the school as good or better.
  • Say their child is happy and feels safe in school.
  • Say challenge and support for their child is improving.
  • Say their child’s reading and writing are improving.
  • Say their child is better at self-regulating and more independent.
  • Say they understand how they can help their child.

Priorities set by parents for 2022-2023:

  • Continuing work to improve behaviour and relationships in lessons and outside.
  • Improving the curriculum offer in all key stages.
  • Continuing to develop the quality of teaching in all lessons.
  • Further developments in the reading, writing and maths curriculum (especially for those with below age average attainment)
  • Improving communication and responsiveness to parental concerns.

These will form part of our School Improvement Planning and will be reviewed next year.

Find the full parent survey below.