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Personal Development (PSMSC)

Personal, Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education (PSMSC)

Hamilton School delivers the JIGSAW programme of PSMSC education which focuses on developing personal attributes in a structured, age-appropriate and developmental way. Personal attributes such as emotional literacy and positive mental health, discernment and mindfulness, and a sense of agency, knowing they have a voice and can make a positive difference. Mindfulness philosophy underpins the programme and mindfulness practice is built into every lesson, aiming to support self-regulation, self-awareness and stress management.


Social Communication

Social communication is vital in the modern world. The students need to use appropriate eye contact, listen, understand and express emotions/feelings, use and interpret non-verbal communication, take turns, start a conversation as well as be able to communicate effectively and these skills are essential to their success in life. At Hamilton, sessions will be delivered either in 1:1 and/or group formats such as Lego group, Comic strip conversation, Talk about activities and fun sessions to engage students to help develop their social communication skills.


Life Skills

Life skills lessons are practical opportunities to develop those skills that will help to prepare our students for the next stages of their lives. Examples of these skills that form part of the programme include cooking, washing, budgeting, banking and shopping. These practical skills are developed in real-life situations giving hands-on experience which the students will take with them for the future.


Options Pathways

During their time at Hamilton School, students are given more choice over the range of subjects they learn in, with the decision-making becoming part of the learning process. In Key Stage 4 students are given the choice from both academic and vocational options to pursue in their weekly timetable, with the current options being Business and Citizenship from the academic field and Creative Arts, Construction and Boxercise from the vocational range.


Project Work

The AQA Project qualification develops and extends from one or more of the student’s study areas and/or from an area of personal interest or activity outside their main programme of study. While it involves some teaching of the necessary skills, with supervision and assessment of the student’s progress, it also involves extended autonomous work by the learner, developing self-confidence and responsibility for their own learning along the way.