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Our Key Stage 3 science curriculum at Hamilton School provides students with the opportunity to experience biology, chemistry and physics topics by assessing student knowledge and understanding and by laying the foundations for science in Key stage 4.  

Year 7 will be focusing on exploring the structure and function of living organisms such as; the skeletal and muscular systems and cells and their organisation. We then move on to earth and its atmosphere, atoms, elements and compounds, and finally space physics.

In Year 8 we move on to relationships in ecosystems, materials, cycles and energy and photosynthesis, moving on to electricity and magnetism.

In Year 9 we revisit the structure and function of living organisms, reproduction and evolution. 

Key Stage 4 we will continue this journey by working with the students to complete useful qualifications to assist our young people at the next stage of their lives. Focusing in on some key concepts of science, the pupils will be able to home in on their interests and excel in those areas.