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In 2022 we had a bigger proportion of the student body (30%) responding which is very pleasing.

Students recognise improvements in the following areas eg:

  • 92% say they receive regular feedback on their work and 79% say they use feedback on work to help them improve
  • 90% say that teachers explain learning well
  • 86% understand why good behaviour is important for everyone to do well and enjoy school
  • 85% teachers and TAs encouragement me to do my best
  • 75% of respondents rated the school good-excellent
  • 75% feel what they are learning is useful
  • 70% are proud to go to the school
  • Very positive outcomes for Personal Development (e.g.: on British Values, drugs/addiction, consent and respectful relationships, online safety and mental health) and wider enrichment opportunities.

Priorities set by parents for 2022-2023

  • Further improvements in:
  • Feelings of safety and happiness in school
  • Behaviour in and outside lesson
  • Enjoyment of learning
  • Confidence and resilience in learning (including reading)
  • Personal Development
  • Greater clarification of anti-bullying messages and reassurance that it will be dealt with.

These will form part of our School Improvement Planning and reviewed next year.

Find the full student survey below.