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Weymouth - June 2019

In June 2019, staff and students visited Weymouth in order to:

1. Develop understanding of coastal geographical features

2. Develop mapping skills

3. Develop social skills in a controlled environment 

A small group of students also went fossil hunting in Charmouth; these students found so many ammonites that they couldn't fit them all in their bucket! It was fantastic to see all the students socialising fantastically with one another and building their understanding of coastal geographical features, as well as enjoying the sun, sand and sea. 

What Our Students Say:

"It was very interesting to explore both the physical and human aspects of coastal areas"

"I found loads of ammonites!"

When the students returned to school, they completed a number of pieces of work around their trip, including writing poems and accounts of their trip. You can find an acrostic poem from one of our students below:


Exciting exploring 

Yellow sun





Happy times